Walking through a dream scenario….

After trying for several years, your ship is finally anchored on the port as you bag the $1 million or maybe the multi-million lottery jackpot.
Your first reaction is complete bewilderment and the second, exhilaration!
You start checking your numbers not once but twice, thrice, and yes that’s your legit lottery win! It’s time to sip your favorite win and celebrate.
And soon, you will have to decide, how and what exactly you need to do with the winnings you just bagged.


After all, you don’t want to extinguish all that has come up to…

We as enthusiastic lottery players tend to complement the word “lottery” with “luck” and “win”! But what we always forget is what all goes behind that perfect lottery win! Digging deeper into the whole world of lotteries, you will soon realize that it is not just limited to winning a game merely based on luck. And when it comes to playing super thrilling games like New York Lotto, you need to be all the more careful with your playing techniques. …

Someone woke up as a millionaire this morning!

Surely not us!

But the winner who cracked the $730 million Powerball jackpot!

A fortunate ticket in Maryland matched all the Powerball numbers last night to bag the $730 million jackpot. This giant jackpot stands the fifth-largest ever, and it transpired only a day after nobody won the even larger Mega Millions jackpot, which now stands at a whopping amount of $970 million.

The winning numbers for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing were 40–53–60–68–69 and Powerball number of 22, with Power Play 3X.

This is the first time in the U.S. history of…

If you walk home with a grand lottery jackpot, would you like to reveal your identity?

That’s probably a No!

Because with great windfall comes a history of winners for whom the “winning money” has not fared well!

For almost every one of us, winning a lottery game is a life-changing experience. Not only does it make us a millionaire, but also throws a great amount of limelight with your name flashing in the news headlines across the country or across the globe.

While it may sound all exciting and glitzy, but this span of attention and the newfound wealth…

Is playing a lottery still left unchecked on your to-do list?

Do you still think it’s just a game of chance and you may not be that lucky enough?

Well surely many of us want to give the lottery a chance, either as a source of entertainment or the shortest way to attain wealth.

Well, to be honest, it’s more about winning money and becoming a millionaire than spending dollars just for the sake of entertainment and backing up the losses with the sheer excuse of luck.

To be precise, winning a lottery game does not completely depend on luck…

“Congratulations, you have won the lottery!”

Sounds overwhelming?

Ohh, wait! Have you played one?

With jackpots for games like Mega Millions and Powerball, crossing the $100 million club, you may encounter such flashy statements in your inbox. Getting the news of matching the winning lottery numbers is actually something many of us dream about, but only after playing a legitimate lottery and not as a part of a scam. With money rolling out that Big, the scamsters start digging into ways to trick people and scoop a large amount of money out of them. …

Winning a grand lottery jackpot seems like a dream come true — unless you splurge it all and run yourself into financial ruin. Winning the lottery can suddenly provide you with a fortune and future that you have been seeking out for a very long time. But for a bunch of unlucky players, the lottery winnings may turn into a curse. The list of those who have misspent their prize money while suffering a major heartache is long, and some even regret winning today. But why did this happen? — They head into the situation without planning on the attained…

With the Multi-state lottery jackpots levitating over hundreds of millions, it seems like any investment you could afford would be worth the chance at such a big prize. But if you are someone new, and do not belong to the big money team pool, you should probably skip games like Powerball and Mega Millions and start by concentrating your efforts on smaller lottery games.

Observing the lucky jackpot wins and their odds, to start with your gameplay, you can make real money playing the Number games, including lotteries like Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Daily 3, and many more…

Who doesn’t dream of becoming rich overnight, winning a jackpot!

Well, it’s much easier than claiming the insurance you have been paying for years.

Many of us believe that lotteries are the shortest method to attain wealth and live much more efficiently. While there are few who totally shun this thought, believing that nothing can replace constant hard work to achieve a comfortable position in your life. No doubt Hard Work and self-discipline are admirable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your luck responsibly in the lotteries at the same time.

Who knows Lady Luck takes a chance and…

Imagine receiving a check worth thousands of dollars every day or every month of the year by just matching 5 or 6 lottery numbers!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t worry those who shower power to their dreams can definitely make them true! Especially when you have lotteries like Lucky For Life! And guess what, there’s good news for all of you lottery players out there fascinated by thrilling payouts!

Should I Play The Lottery?

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