Which Are The Top Numbers You Should Pick To Win A Lottery In 2022!

Charles Weko
4 min readAug 4, 2022

Whenever we talk about the lottery the only thing that strikes our minds is the grand jackpot, right?

Be it a billion-dollar lotto game like Mega Millions, or a simple digits game like Pick 4, the foremost reason we do buy that ticket is of course to win the jackpot. Other reasons like entertainment, fun and all and just preceding factors to it. But whether we accept it or not the only reason we are interested in lotto games is to bag that jackpot money! But we would be some fool if we fail to understand that winning a jackpot is only possible if we match the digits on our ticket to the ones drawn by the game. But yes, we know marking or predicting the winning digits is the hardest part. Because ultimately lotto games are random and the finest we can do is mark the digits based on lotto tools that follow data analysis methodology, and have increased chances of getting drawn! Wondering if this is even possible? Well, yes!

And to make this process a little easy for you, we are helping you with the best lottery numbers that you can pick in 2022 to mark a win for the top lottery games played all across the U.S!

Let’s check them out, and affirm your next win!


Powerball is one of the most popular lotto games played by players across the USA. The jackpot for the game starts at $20 million and keeps rolling till somebody wins! The game is widely in demand due to its excellent payouts and drawing days that have increased to three days after the recent changes. Not only this, but the game also features add-on options like Double Play, that only work towards increasing your prize money! The top Powerball digits you can bet on for this game, according to the famous Frequency Analysis Tool are 21, 27, 36, 53, 61, and 18.


Cash4Life is one of the most hyped games in the U.S.A because winning this game gives you the chance of receiving prize money for a “lifetime”. And if anyone of us gets this opportunity we are pretty sure none of us will ever resist such as jackpot game. So, the best Cash4life lottery numbers you should pick for in 2022, according to the latest Tightness Test are 5, 39, 39, 53, 58, and 1.

Lucky For Life

Next on the list of the top lotto games played in the U.S.A is Lucky For Life. The game was quite underrated in the past but has now come into the limelight after some recent changes. It features some amazing payouts that give you the chance of getting paid $1,000 every day for a lifetime for winning the top prize and $25,000 every year for a lifetime after winning the second prize with drawings held every day! Is there anything more you could ask for? So, to help you become the next winner, here are the winning digits of the season, as per our Transition Matrix you can bet on — 5, 7, 8, 10, 28, 16.

Final Words

Whenever we play a lotto game, ultimately it is the digits we pick, the efforts we put in to mark them, and luck that plays quite a crucial role in winning! So to help you with your efforts for winning the lotto in the USA, we have assisted you with the best lottery numbers to pick in 2022 for the top games played in the USA according to the top winning tools by The Lottery Lab. With this, we hope you will be among the top lotto winners in the next drawing.

Do not miss your chance to become a millionaire this year!

Good Luck!



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