How are your Mondays rolling with Powerball drawing three times a week?

Let me guess??

Ummm, fantastic?

or, are you still walking on the edge, thinking “Should I buy the lottery ticket or not? will the odds turn in my favor?”

But have you thought, pondering over these questions will not award the winning lottery ticket in your hand and make you a millionaire overnight!

So, let’s blow the clouds off your thoughts and understand how you can turn this opportunity offered by Powerball into a winning strategy!

The Advantages You Can Hold With Powerball Three Times A Week

Increase In The Possibility Of Winning A Prize

Walking through a dream scenario….

After trying for several years, your ship is finally anchored on the port as you bag the $1 million or maybe the multi-million lottery jackpot.
Your first reaction is complete bewilderment and the second, exhilaration!
You start checking your numbers not once but twice, thrice, and yes that’s your legit lottery win! It’s time to sip your favorite win and celebrate.
And soon, you will have to decide, how and what exactly you need to do with the winnings you just bagged.


After all, you don’t want to extinguish all that has come up to…

We as enthusiastic lottery players tend to complement the word “lottery” with “luck” and “win”! But what we always forget is what all goes behind that perfect lottery win! Digging deeper into the whole world of lotteries, you will soon realize that it is not just limited to winning a game merely based on luck. And when it comes to playing super thrilling games like New York Lotto, you need to be all the more careful with your playing techniques. …

Someone woke up as a millionaire this morning!

Surely not us!

But the winner who cracked the $730 million Powerball jackpot!

A fortunate ticket in Maryland matched all the Powerball numbers last night to bag the $730 million jackpot. This giant jackpot stands the fifth-largest ever, and it transpired only a day after nobody won the even larger Mega Millions jackpot, which now stands at a whopping amount of $970 million.

The winning numbers for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing were 40–53–60–68–69 and Powerball number of 22, with Power Play 3X.

This is the first time in the U.S. history of…

What is that one thing in lotteries that lures people towards itself?

Not much to think about!

It is the million-dollar jackpot!

Among a number of multi-state lotteries offered by the United States, the New York lottery is known to offer its players, games that are not only super thrilling to play but also highly rewarding. Its chests of treasures include games such as NY Lotto, Cash4Life, Numbers, Win 4, and of course Take 5 that has occupied a great place among the residents of the state. Why? …

Here’s a fair lottery WARNING!

Always check your lottery ticket yourself!

Majority of lottery retailers are really honest and sincerely inform if your lottery ticket has matched the winning numbers and even if it has won a jackpot, they safely place the winning ticket in your hand. In return, they receive some great buzz and a bonus cheque for selling a winning ticket and of course an increase in their customer base.

But, at times Greed invents injustice and makes them do unpleasant things. Well, the dream of winning thousands or millions of dollars can turn into a nightmare, if…

Each one of us aspires to hit the jackpot for once at least. However, matching the winning lottery numbers is not that easy. Not all games available feature the same jackpot amount and mechanics. And most importantly it is the jackpot and the lottery odds that define your path to the win. This is why you should know the best game that offers you the chance of winning the lottery!

So, which is the best lottery to play and win?

Is it Powerball, Mega Millions, or Lucky For Life?

Majority of the lottery players choose the game on the basis…

Are you excited to try your hands on new games launched by different state lotteries?

If yes?

Then, here’s some good news for you!

On August 1, 2021, Louisiana Lottery added a new draw game in its line of daily draw games, including Pick 3 and Pick 4.

Any guesses about the game?


Pick 5 is the brand new introduction made by the Louisiana Lottery, which will help you have a chance to win $50,000, as a top prize. …

Did you hear the good news?

Not yet?

Ohhh, you may miss the chance of winning the lottery!

Don’t worry, this is why we are here to break the news to you!

The Mississippi Lottery has launched another draw game, called Match 5!

So all those players who have been eagerly waiting for another lottery game to strike big don’t have to hold back anymore.

Match 5 is the fourth to enter the lottery’s existing pool of games including, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Cash 3.

What Are The Mississippi Mechanics Of Match 5

Powerball has some good news for its players!

The multi-state Powerball lottery has announced the addition of a Monday draw in the already existing line-up of nightly drawings, held every Wednesday and Saturday, starting August 23, 2021. As a player, you will now have an additional chance to bet on your favorite lottery numbers and aim at the rolling million-dollar lottery jackpots. As per the lottery officials, the first Monday draw for Powerball will be held at the same time as the Wednesday and Saturday night draws at 10:59 PM EST. With sales starting from August 22, 2021.

Thinking about…

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