Which Lottery Game Offers The Best Odds Of Winning!

Lotteries are getting sudden attention these days with the gigantic jackpots and multiple small-tier prizes offered these days! Because back in the day anybody mentioning lottery would hear statements like -

“Lotteries are a game of luck, the odds are so high that you might not crack a win ever!”

Let’s admit we all have heard this and actually went with the flow of it! But have you ever given thought that these massive winning amounts or for that matter even the second-tier prizes are awarded to someone? There are people winning games here and there even at free lottery tickets beating the odds all along!

Though lotteries are a game of luck they are not entirely based on chances. You can turn them in your favor by picking on the eight opportunities and defy the odds! Because after hearing the winning amounts, the next thing that grabs people’s attention. The majority of the time it is the odds that dissuade people from even taking a chance and trying out your luck and the efforts you may put in selecting the winning numbers!

But you must know that not all lottery games have the same format. For example, the odds of winning the US Powerball are much slimmer than your chance of claiming a jackpot from a daily lottery game, whose jackpots are on the smaller side. Even the chances of winning secondary prizes are not the same in every game and that is because each lottery has different odds of winning. So how can you decide which game to play?? Let’s help you with games that offer the best odds of winning so that you don’t have to put your hands off buying the lottery tickets.

Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery is one of those few lotteries that incorporate games that offer some really good odds of winning. Among its array of games, All Or Nothing tops the list with the best odds and obviously some super rewarding payouts structure. Let’s have a look at the table below listing the Texas lottery’s top games to play:

Next on the list is,

New York Lottery

The New York Lottery is one of the hot favorites among US state lotteries. It has games that are easy to play as well as easy to crack! And your best bet in New York is the Cash4Life and Take 5 Lottery! Let’s have a closer look at the top games by NY Lottery with the best odds of winning!

Further is,

New Jersey Lottery

We have a number of New Jersey Lottery games that do have some amazing odds and superb payouts. Let’s have a look at some of the top games you should try and become the New Jersey lottery, winner!

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Though the Arkansas Lottery has a fewer number of games, their odds to win are super favorable. The games cater to the needs of every type of jackpot from hundreds and thousands to millions of dollars. Let’s have a look at your chances of winning the million-dollar Arkansas Lottery Jackpots!

Last, but not least is,

Colorado Lottery

There’s a lot to adore and win in Colorado. You gotta put your hands on the right game at the right time! Have a look below to find out which games by the Colorado lottery can simply change your life.

Other than these the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries, give you an overall chance of 1 in 25 and 1 in 24 respectively for winning a prize!

The Bottom Line

So the choice of which is the best lottery to play is not always determined by lottery odds or jackpot odds. There are several other factors you should consider such as the price of the lottery ticket, the game options, extra features the lottery offers, the secondary prizes, and also the frequency of the draws. All of this information when combined with the winning strategies based on tools by The Lottery Lab, you can surely place a winning bet. Though understanding the odds is very important, don’t let the jackpot odds scare you off, mark the winning numbers whenever you feel it right. Who knows you land yourself in a money pool!




The Lottery Lab provides more than just today’s winning numbers.

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Charles Weko

Charles Weko

The Lottery Lab provides more than just today’s winning numbers.

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