Remember The Biggest Lottery Scam? Mastermind Eddie Tipton Is Out On Parole!

Do you remember the biggest lottery scam in American history?


Well, it’s time to go back in your head and proceed with your steps towards the Hot Lotto fraud, because the famous mastermind behind this, Eddie Tipton is finally out of prison on parole.

In 2017, the famous Eddie Tipton, 58, was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in prison for rigging multiple computerized lottery drawings in several states including Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. So that he and his co-conspirators could bag in multi-million dollar jackpots. He had developed a software program and infected the system with the virus which allowed him to pick the winning lottery numbers.

In a plea deal submitted last year, the former lottery security chief also agreed to pay about $2.2 million in restitution for those crimes to the states in which he rigged the drawings. Later he reduced the amount to $1.65 million.

And now the lottery rigger is out on parole after having served less than five years in prison. In November, Tipton crashed the headlines when he released a statement, claiming that he was pressured to plead guilty and that he Did Not rig any lottery drawings. In 2017, he told the court that he certainly does regret his actions, and “it’s difficult even saying that with all the people that I know behind me that I hurt.”

At the time of the trial, Tipton’s lawyer even went on record saying that he was ready to accept the punishment. Prior to the sentencing the lawyer also stated that he looks forward to putting the entire matter behind him and moving on with his life after he serves the sentence. But it seems that the lawsuit Tipton filed in 2020, did show some results since the Iowa Board of Parole has approved the release of the former yet convicted information security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association.

Tipton’s lawsuit attempted to halt all and he was ordered to pay until the new trial. At that trial, as per him, he would have the opportunity to present documents and evidence that could convince the court to reverse his sentence.

After being pleaded guilty, the lottery scamster explained how he rigged the lottery drawings saying that he was the one who developed the software that included code that allowed him to understand or technically predict the winning lottery numbers. And he would give those numbers to other individuals who then won the lottery and shared the winnings with him. However, his lawsuit rowed back on the admission of guilt, which he says he was actually pressured to make. According to Tipton, the sentence was cruel and unusual because as per him it has been applied to an “innocent person” simply to charge him of a crime. In addition to this, he also argued that Iowa does not have the authority to charge him for restitution in states it has no jurisdiction over. And according to the Iowa Board of Parole, the board members concluded that there was quite a probability that Tipton could be released without posing a threat to the general public or himself. Though the database reflects that he was released to Texas and will be supervised by parole officials there!

The next trial for the Eddie Tipton case is scheduled for August 17. Because this Hot Lotto incident led to the introduction of Lotto America. And also rang the bell for fishing out major scams happening in the lottery industry, and protecting its players or basically you from having a fair share at the individual chances of winning the lottery.

This is why we always urge you to play safe and play responsibly because the yearning of becoming a millionaire can sometimes push you towards resorting to the wrong means and then end up nowhere but getting caught! So, the best shot you can have at winning lotteries and becoming a millionaire is by subscribing to The Lottery Lab and end up using tools that are based on statistical data analysis that assists you in nothing else but picking the winning numbers for your favorite lottery game!



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