New Year Traditions From Around The World That Can Help You Attract Luck In Lotteries!

Every year, New Year marks a new beginning — we draft new resolutions, change our calendars, and cherish the moments we’ve lived through. Cultures all over the globe have their own different traditions and rituals to welcome the new year in the best way!

With 2021 settling in, is your search bar flooded with queries trying to attract lottery luck in the coming year? If so, you are in good company because this is a common question for many ardent lottery players looking forward to winning the jackpot!

So, why not give some of the world’s most popular traditions a try to usher in some good luck to win the lottery along with this New Year!

Turkey: Smash Those Pomegranates!

This may seem messy, but in Turkey, the locals smash a pomegranate on their front doorstep. This is said to open the door to prosperity in the year to follow. Their luck is directly proportional to the number of seeds that fly out of the fruit upon impact, so put some effort into making that throw aggressive! The Turkish National Lottery, Milli Piyango National Lottery, is almost synonymous with New Year’s eve as is playing Bingo at homestead wearing red!

Denmark: Shatter The Plates!

Every household has a set of cups, dishes, or plates that never gets used. But folks in Denmark know how to put those dishes to good use! Danes traditionally smash perfectly good dishware on the floor in celebration of celebration. According to the tradition, you should “affectionately” shatter the dishes against the doors of your family, friends, and neighbors’ homes to ward off bad spirits and welcome happy vibes! The superstition is considered to bring good luck and the more plates that are smashed at your door the better your luck will be!

Ecuador: Destroy Your Past Demons!

Welcome the New Year more warmly with your friends in Ecuador where beaches and bonfires proliferate, like literally! The locals are known to celebrate Los Anos Viejos, which translates to “the old years”, in a tradition that destroys your past demons. According to the ritual, effigies referred to as “munecos” are set on fire at midnight. The effigies resemble scarecrows or sinister life-like straw dolls. The effigies are stuffed with newspaper, sawdust or clothes, and might even be equipped with a mask. At the stroke of midnight, as celebrations begin, the creations are set on fire, symbolizing the destruction of evil and making room for good fortune!

Bolivia: Bake Coins Into Sweets!

Bolivia has a really sweet way of celebrating the New Year and to bring good luck! As per Bolivia customs, coins are baked into cakes for festive activities. The one who receives the slice of cake with the coin is believed to have a prosperous year ahead! Baked cake and good luck! Who wouldn’t enjoy this?

Brazil: Wear White!

When it comes to Brazilian New Year Celebrations, it’s less about glittery mini dresses and sequined skirts. To have a year full of luck, wonder, and adventure, your outfit must incorporate this particular characteristic — White! This doesn’t mean, you can’t incorporate different colors in the form of undergarments, jewelry, pants, etc. According to the Brazillian culture, each color has a different meaning — green is for wealth, yellow for money, red for love and purple will fill you with inspiration, so choose wisely!

Philippines: 12 Round Fruits For Fortune!

In the Philippines, to have good fortune, it’s not the size, color, or texture that matters, it is the shape! Avoid rectangles and triangles. Instead, look for things that are circular in design. The notion behind this tradition is that circles represent coins which in turn symbolize wealth. The more circle-shaped objects are collected, the better your luck will be. The majority of locals try to get their hands on 12 round fruits, one for each month of the year, to attract good luck and prosperity.

Germany: Get The Sugar Pig!

For Germans, pigs are a sign of wealth. And when it comes to traditions, Germans prefer eating glücksschwein, a pig-shaped candy, for a piece of luck in their wallet. The pig candy is made from marzipan, which makes it both adorable and sweet and they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

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