Lump-Sum vs. Annuity: Which Payout Option Should You Select After Winning The Lottery?

Hitting the winning numbers in a lottery game can be a life-changing experience. One of the immediate questions that strike after cracking the giant jackpot is whether you want to take the lump-sum cash option or you want to opt for yearly annuity payments. The yearly option provides you with a number of annual payments over time. Whereas the consolidated or the cash option pays out the full amount of after-tax winnings all at once. The cash option provides you with the flexibility and immediate access to winnings, receiving a great sum of money all at once can cause bad financial decisions and poor investment opportunities.

For this reason, a number of lottery winners choose long-term yearly lottery payments that provide a consistent source of income and limited access to large heaps of cash.

Umm… thinking which option is financially better than the other and which is the one you should go for?

Let’s break down both the options and you’ll know which one to go for!

Lump-Sum vs. Annuity Payouts In The Lottery

With both the options guaranteeing a payout, the cash, and the yearly options have their own set of pros and cons.

Choosing the cash option may help you avoid long-term tax implications and also provides the opportunity to immediately invest in high-yielding financial investments like stock and real estate.

The application of federal taxes reduces the winning amounts considerably. But the ones who opt for yearly payments can come closer to grab the advertised jackpot than the yearly investments. Another concern is that winners with little self-control can misuse their winnings and go straight away from riches to rags.

The biggest advantage of the yearly payments is that you will have access to a guaranteed income for the next 30 years which quite ensures that you will never lose out on money. For those who can’t suppress their spending urges, this may turn out as the most appropriate option to go for. But then there are risks involved. It’s possible that the entity responsible for paying over 30 years could run out of money. Or you could die before enjoying the newfound wealth.

No matter what lottery you play, how big amount you bag, choosing the right payout option is a crucial decision you need to take, keeping in mind all the important aspects of your life. There have been examples in the winning history that how a good and bad decision has impacted a lottery winner’s life. Before jumping to conclusions of what payout option you should choose, while holding the grand check in your hand swaying in away in emotions, it’s better to get hold of that adrenaline rush and take note of what things in your life require immediate financial aid, what luxuries are needed rather than wanted, what responsibilities you hold on your shoulder, what future liabilities you hold that needs to be fulfilled, and what investments you need to make for a secure future. After assessing all these major points you should then decide on what option to pick as in what way of earning will help you meet your ends and goals in the future.

Both the annuity and the lump sum option, have their respective share of advantages and disadvantages, it is for you to decide which will turn out to be beneficial in our lives and we do not end up wasting all of that newfound wealth on maintaining lavish lifestyles, luxuries, entertainment, drugs, and whatnot.

You don’t get to crack the lottery every day, so it is better not to miss that golden moment and make way for a prosperous future.

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