How Playing The Iowa Pick 4 Lottery Can Fetch You Better Payouts?

Charles Weko
3 min readOct 20, 2020

What fascinates you while playing a lottery?

  • The excitement of just grabbing a winning ticket?


  • Or bagging exhilarating payouts?

Let me guess!

A majority of us want to grab a winning ticket and bag the exciting lottery payouts!

But how many of us actually think of putting our hands-on games that actually improve the odds of winning if not offer really hefty jackpots.

If you are starting off with the whole system of playing a lottery or if you have tried your luck in many multi-million lotteries but never grabbed a lucky win, then probably you should go for games like Iowa Pick 4 that offer considerably favorable odds of winning which can make you win as much as $6000 for just $1 ticket.

Wondering how you can make the most of playing this game?

Well, it’s not that difficult!

Playing this lottery is super easy, fun, and highly rewarding! All you have to do is pick four duplicate or distinct numbers from a pool of 0 to 9, one for each column, and mark it on your playslip. Or you also have the option of opting for Quick Pick and get your numbers randomly generated by the terminal. If your selected lottery numbers match the drawn numbers, you bag the Iowa Pick 4 jackpot!

While selecting your numbers, you have to choose the way to play them from Straight, Box, Straight/Box, or, Pairs, which actually determines your winning amounts.

The Iowa Pick 4 drawings take place twice a day approximately at 12:20 p.m. CT for the Midday draw and 10:00 p.m. CT for the Evening drawing, for all seven days a week, which means you have multiple chances to win every day with each game.

Not stagnating your options of winning here, the Iowa Lottery also allows you to play your numbers for up to 16 consecutive draws at a time. You just need to mark the appropriate number of draws under the Multi-Draws option. The least you may win is by matching two numbers in the Exact Order, the Lottery offers you a prize of $60 for a $1 ticket.

But how do you know which numbers will work the best for you and award you a lottery prize!

So, the process of playing and winning a lottery revolves around the whole concept of selecting the lottery numbers. The numbers you choose actually decide your lottery win. But how can you improve the odds of winning or how can you increase your probability of winning the lottery? The best you can do is pick your numbers wisely by putting in all the efforts! You can opt for Lottery Tools like Frequency Analysis, Tightness Test, Transition Matrix, and Lottery Wheel, that work by statistically analyzing past lottery results, and lets you learn the observed and expected frequencies of numbers, the drawing pattern of lottery machines, the hot and cold lottery numbers for a particular game and the possible outcomes of multiple bets. All of this information is presented through graphical representation based on the past lottery data.

Buck up lottery players, Iowa Pick 4 is the perfect game for you! So, start picking your winning lottery numbers today!

Who knows Lady Luck decides to shine on your lottery numbers!



Charles Weko

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