How Hot And Cold Numbers Can Help You Win The Lottery!

Charles Weko
3 min readApr 5, 2021

Have you been lately wondering, “is there a strategy to win the lottery?

The answer is yes!

There are various strategies that may help in fulfilling your dream of Winning Big!

So, what is that one strategy that backs your glorious win?

Once J.G. Ballard said, “But a lottery isn’t meaningless, someone has to win!” This is why people believe in buying lottery tickets and expect to become a winner.

After holding a ticket, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Of course what digits should I mark?

You either select your favorite digits, or start shuffling across blogs, articles, or software that guarantee a lottery win!

But how many of them actually work?

You might be aware of this by now if you are an ardent lottery player! But if you are new, shhh, you’ve got the hint!

So to keep it simple and short, winning a game, requires real efforts, pertaining to how a game works, analysis of the digits drawn, patience, and of course self-confidence!

The first step to cracking a jackpot is how do you pick those golden digits because ultimately the whole gameplay revolves around Numerals. While marking your favorite digits how do you know which one may improve your odds of winning? This is when the Hot and Cold number strategy comes into play.

What Are Hot and Cold Numbers?

So, hot numbers are the ones that are drawn by the lottery machine more frequently than expected. Or you can also say that these digits are much favored by a drawing machine, and have appeared the most amount of times during a given period of time.

Now, what are cold numbers? These are the ones that have drawn fewer amount of times in the overall amount of drawings. This means that such a digit may have appeared recently, but is drawn below average, during the overall amount of drawings.

Now, which of these categories of digits actually work in winning a lottery game?


So, analyzing these sets of digits largely depends on the analysis of past lottery results. This is the only way you can judge, what digits are being favored by the machine, and which are the ones that may increase your possibility of winning. You can either make a statistical analysis of the winning digits yourself or opt for Frequency Analysis, which helps you learn the frequency or the amount of times a particular digit has appeared the most in a given period of time, without you doing the actual math. An efficient and effective statistical analysis guides you well in knowing which digits belong to any of these sets.

After learning which digits fall in which category out of the numeral field specific to a game, it’s time to decide what digits you should ink on your winning tickets.

Well, analyzing the past results and major wins, marking a combination of these digits will help you mark a win!


Of course, you might be wondering why aren’t we sticking to the digits that are reckoning the most to assure a win! Well, every lottery machine sticks to specific behavior and may change at any time. So, what if you have been following the hot number strategy and suddenly the machine changes its behavior and starts drawing the cold digits or the ones less favored during that specific period of time. You may lose! So, the best way to ensure that you are holding a spot on that prize tier the next time is to select a combination of these digits on your ticket. A combination means you have to mark a blend of digits belonging to both categories. So, if a machine deviates from its usual pattern at least, you are standing on a safer side and hold a chance to win something.

Lotteries are all about picking the “right” digits and leaving the rest upon your luck. But not to forget, selecting these “right” numerical requires some real efforts so that you never miss that chance of winning. You may either get your hands on scribbling the analytical results yourself or browse through The Lottery Lab, which does all the hard work for you and provides you with the best possible analytical lottery results so that you are well aware of what digits to ink your winning tickets with and mark a grand win!



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