Gift Responsibly, Lottery Tickets Aren’t Child’s Play — Campaign For This Holiday Season!

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love”

The season of sharing love, kindness, respect, and gifts, is here! Holidays are finally here to share it’s And we might be planning on some amazing gifts for our loved ones. But this Holiday, you need to be a little more careful and Gift Responsibly.

This is what the New Holiday Lottery Campaign by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the International Center for Youth Gambling Problems & High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University.

Every year lotteries around the world help raise awareness about the risks involved in underage gambling during the December Holiday Season. While the campaign aims to focus on the Holiday Season Giftings at the end of the year, it also helps the lotteries to expand the message of Responsible Gaming and Giving for all occasions where children might receive lottery tickets as gifts, for example, graduation day, birthdays, etc.

The roots of the Campaign go back to 2002 in response to research showing that exposure to gambling in early childhood, especially lottery play, can increase the risk of developing gambling problems later in life. Which is why this public awareness campaign focuses on discouraging individuals from gifting lottery tickets to children.

The NCPG Executive Director, Keith Whyte said, that the new Gift Responsibly Campaign name makes it easier for organizations to raise the awareness that lottery tickets should not be given as gifts to children for any occasion during the year.

The NCPG or the National Council on Problem Gambling is based in Washington DC and is the only national nonprofit organization that aims to minimize the economic and social costs associated with gambling addiction. The organization is quite neutral on legalized lotteries. The NCPG urges players involved in problem gambling and their loved ones to contact the National Problem Gambling Helpline on 1–800–522–4700 or visit The help is available 24/7 and is completely free, anonymous, and confidential.

So let’s make this Holiday Season a lot more worthwhile by Gifting our loved younger ones Responsibly!

Coming to us, well ‘tis the season of love, gifts, and a lot more! So why not take a few chances yourself, play the games with the most favored odds, pick the winning numbers with The Lottery Lab, get home the prize amount and then give children around you their most wished gifts! Well, this may seem a little bizarre but there’s no harm in giving a shot to any of those lotteries with luring amounts after you have turned 18 and have a decent amount of income. And it’s not that you need to play it daily!

You can play it once in a while and may hit something big using the Lottery Tools that help you mark the right numbers on your playslip based on frequency analysis, hot and cold numbers, behavioral drawing patterns of the lottery machines so that if not the jackpot, you do bag a winning amount that will make your holidays a lot merrier!

“May you enjoy all the gifts you receive this Holiday. Here’s wishing you a blissful holiday ahead!”



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