Common Mistakes You Should Avoid With Your Lottery Winnings!

Charles Weko
3 min readOct 26, 2021


With the Holiday Season around the corner, many of us would be winning on the newly launched Halloween or the Holiday Season tickets and even the state lotteries! Our dreams of winning millions might get fulfilled because ’tis the season of love, joy, and sharing! And state lotteries make it a point that they have something to give to every player and put a smile on anyone’s face! But this idea of celebration comes with the responsibility of responsible gaming and not making silly mistakes with lottery winnings you have received.

So, if you want to enjoy every bit of your lottery win avoid the following mistakes:

Bad Investments

Winning a lottery prize can be overwhelming. Suddenly bagging millions of dollars in your bank account can make you think about spending it all in multiple ways. Moreover, people will be swarming around you with different ways to invest your winnings and it becomes quite easy for you to get carried away with their big ideas and fall into pits. So before making any financial decision, consult a professional and protect yourself from bankruptcy.

Telling Everyone Around You About The Win

We do understand that as lottery winners you do get excited about the win and want to tell all the people around you but this may turn out as a severely bad idea and can lead you into huge trouble. There are people waiting for such opportunities to get their hands on your money through defamation cases, lawsuits, robbery, and even murder. So the best we can do is keep shhh about your win and enjoy the winnings as much as you can!

Forgetting That You Have Debts To Pay

The most important thing you should always remember is that paying off the debts is the first thing that should come to your mind after winning a lottery. There have been winners that have won millions but have forgotten about paying off their debts leaving them with absolutely no money in their accounts to sustain a living after all the splurging.

Wrecking Relationships With Family And Friends

At times winners get too big for their boots and destroy the close relationships they have had, letting the money come in between their family and friends. Always remember winning a lottery is not entirely everything in the world. It doesn’t give you the leverage to step on your family and friends. Because no amount of money can ever decrease the importance of family and friends in your life.

Wrapping Up!!

Now when you know what common mistakes you should NOT do after having the lottery winnings in your hand, you should probably think about what ways you should adopt to clear your path through any of these lottery wins. Brush up your lottery playing skills through statistically analyzed data tools by The Lottery Lab. That can help you know which numbers are worth betting for and which numbers you should keep from marking!



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