Are You A New Lottery Player? Skip Mega Millions, Play This Instead And Evolve As A Lottery Winner!

With the Multi-state lottery jackpots levitating over hundreds of millions, it seems like any investment you could afford would be worth the chance at such a big prize. But if you are someone new, and do not belong to the big money team pool, you should probably skip games like Powerball and Mega Millions and start by concentrating your efforts on smaller lottery games.

Observing the lucky jackpot wins and their odds, to start with your gameplay, you can make real money playing the Number games, including lotteries like Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Daily 3, and many more. These games have a rather small number field to play and specific numbers to bet on. Plus the . Even the payback rates to such games are greatly high thus turning in more and more people to play these games and brush their skills up before betting on large jackpots with even larger odds to crack.

Well financially, you should only play lotteries, when you are ready. Only when you have a set budget allocated to entertainment regarding lotteries. Because spending money over buying lottery tickets crossing your budget lines can definitely cost huge debts if you are not mindful of what numbers you are picking and how many dollars are you spending.

But here’s a thing you should know about lotteries, they are uncertain!

And for that you definitely need to try the other way round, revolving research, books, and websites and not relying on your lottery wins on sheer luck. Because it’s not just luck that may help you match the drawn numbers, it definitely requires a lot more than that - analyzing the past results and then wisely choosing what numbers can help you grab a winning spot on the prize tier, because obviously, the odds are not too magnificent to crack with Number Games, and depending on luck with every ticket you buy just can’t be enough.

Why Should You Not Start With Playing The Multi-State Lotteries!

Ok, so each Mega Millions entry holds the odds of 1 in 302,575,350, for each drawing. But you certainly can make your way through this by either winning the lottery or reducing the chances of sharing your jackpot, when you win. You can do this by either following the ticket buying or number picking strategy or pick the ones that are particularly less popular, that everyone would run after to mark their playslips with so that you do not have to share the jackpot.

And this might require a lot of patience, practice, and of course money to grab a grand win. But for a beginner lottery player like you, it’s never a good idea to bet on games that require practice, patience, adoption of winning strategies at a grand scale where the number pool ranges between 35 and 70, and of course money to make the ticket buying strategy work against some really high odds. So why not start with building up with small wins and then step up to the ladder of billion-dollar games.

What Might Work For New Lottery Players?

People who start with playing lotteries are often fascinated with grand jackpots but you should progress towards your target lottery rather in progressive steps so that you hit the right one with the right winning numbers.

Here’s how you can become lottery professionals from being amateurs:

Start with your state lottery’s Number games: Try playing the “boxed” bet that lets you match the numbers in any order with odds that are not too hard a nut to crack. These games help you get an idea of picking the winning lottery numbers.

When you start winning, reinvest: When you start bagging the wins, it’s time to opt for Straight bets, so that you start practicing with matching the winning numbers in the order they get drawn.

When you have won smaller games, prepare for the Big Jackpot: When you practiced your hands-on matching the winning numbers for small games and ready to lose a little, start gearing up for games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

The Bottom Line

So, here’s the bottom line,

The only way you can get to the grand jackpot is by taking smaller steps through smaller games, understanding the game structures, analyzing the past results, and placing the winning bets with TheLottery Lab. It helps in analyzing the lottery results, helps mark the winning numbers by letting you know the expected and observed frequency of the drawn numbers, the drawing pattern of the lottery machines, and a lot more so that



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