6 Tips On How To Win The New York Lotto! Get The Secret To Your Next Lottery Win!

Charles Weko
4 min readFeb 4, 2021


We as enthusiastic lottery players tend to complement the word “lottery” with “luck” and “win”! But what we always forget is what all goes behind that perfect lottery win! Digging deeper into the whole world of lotteries, you will soon realize that it is not just limited to winning a game merely based on luck. And when it comes to playing super thrilling games like New York Lotto, you need to be all the more careful with your playing techniques. Because it’s not just luck that favors your playslip, that little paper demands much more practice, a precise strategy, and of course patience.


Any lottery game you pick, the first thing you need to decide on is your winning numbers. As the whole concept of playing and winning revolves around numbers. You get the numbers correct, you crack a win! So, it’s quite important how you choose these numbers because ultimately none of us wants to lose, but the truth remains that not all of us can win. So what makes that winner lucky? Ummm… not just luck. There are people who go about adopting a variety of strategies and winning tips that actually work out for them and help them bag a big win!

Let’s consider what are these winning tips that can actually help you win the Hot favorite game of MUSL — The New York Lotto!

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Mix Your Winning Lottery Numbers!

When you decide on marking those shining digits, it’s always advised that you opt for a balanced approach! Never go for the same number range, for example, 22, 26, 28, or, 2, 4, 9. Instead, you should go for a combination of digits spread all across the number field. Who knows, what the machine drops out!

Even Those Digits Out!

Going along that same line, picking a set of numbers limited to just “even” or “odd” digits is a big no-no! You should always mark a blend of these categories of numbers because then you stand a slightly higher chance of winning the prize

Look For The “Hot” and “Cold”!

Thinking what’s hot and cold in lotteries, well you have arrived at the right spot! The Numbers. Analyzing hot and cold numbers for your favorite lottery game is never a bad idea while selecting your numbers. A good analysis of past lottery data will help you know which numbers are being frequently drawn and which have not be drawn for quite a while. Marking a mix of them will help you with a greater chance of winning!

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Skip The Anniversaries and Birthday Dates!

Important dates do hold a significant place in our lives. But not all the time. Because these digits are restricted to a certain set of numbers. So the first mistake is it’s restricted to a specific number range. The second is that if you bag a jackpot but there are multiple winners — obviously you will have to share the prize money. So it’s always a better idea to avoid these special dates and mark a combination of good numbers.

Don’t Be A Copycat!

Don’t just blindly follow the winning numbers drawn in the previous draws. The odds of these numbers getting repeated is extremely high! So, why waste even a dollar for grabbing nothing!

Dive In The Lottery Pools!

Lottery pools are the most appropriate way of buying a large number of tickets and then if you win you bag a good amount of prize. Because when you purchase almost every ticket of that game, no-doubt you hold a strong chance to win the game!

No matter how ardently you have been playing lotteries, it’s not always luck that favors the digits. You ought to go about really good winning tips and tools like the ones listed by The Lottery Lab to never fail a chance at bagging any lottery game or the New York Lotto prize. Hope you are the next winner! Good Luck!



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